Splash Illustration Artist Intern - League of Legends

Riot Games

Los Angeles, CA, USA 100% Remote

Full time



Nov 1

As part of the Illustration team, you’ll put stylus to Cintiq and create art that represents the essence of a champion to millions of players. You will use your artistic eye and keen understanding of dynamic lighting, form, and color to tell concise and evocative stories. By closely collaborating with a team of dedicated illustrators, concept artists, writers, animators and game developers, you will help define and illustrate each champion’s unique place in our universe


  • Create high quality illustrations for characters that communicate story through evocative, dynamic compositions with a strong sense of rendering
  • Collaborate with various disciplines to help capture the personality and sense of story in various illustrations; from splash images to in-game promotional events
  • Give and receive extensive feedback
  • Create promotional art for various projects and events on as-needed basis
  • Apply ‘out of the box’ creativity for video game art by painting visually awesome experiences for players

Required Qualifications:

  • Currently enrolled in a college, university or non degree program
  • Available to work full-time hours for 10-12 weeks remotely in our US based offices
  • Authorized to work in the country that you reside in during this remote program.
  • Experience with Adobe Photoshop
  • Showcase ability to create high quality 2D splash illustrations
  • Good knowledge of art fundamentals, visual storytelling, anatomy, lighting, materials and color theory
  • Good understanding of the League of Legends splash style including character focused compositions with stylized anatomy, heroic compositions and cinematic/realistic believability
  • Experience in creating high end digital art assets in Adobe Photoshop
  • Good understanding for 2D Illustration Asset production pipelines

Desired Qualifications:

  • Proficient in Photoshop and painting/design tools
  • Demonstrated ability to digitally paint volumetric form and material differentiation in an isometric and orthographic view
  • Understanding of colors and value structure
  • Experience creating designs using inspiration from historical, fantasy, scifi, mainstream trends, and/or pop culture references
  • Great understanding designing characters reading in an isometric view
  • Inclusion of references, notes, studies, different angles, how a player interacts with a character or place, and why design choices have been made

For this role, you'll find success through craft expertise and a collaborative spirit that prioritizes the delight of players. We will look at your past studies and experience, but for this role, we also look for dedicated people with a personal relationship with games. If you embody player empathy and care about players' experiences, this is the role for you!

General Portfolio Advice:

  • Please limit application submission to 1 role. You will automatically be considered for similar roles based on your portfolio
  • Online format is preferred (Artstation, personal websites, etc.)
  • If you have private work that is under NDA, please include the password in your application. Otherwise, we recommend you do not password protect your portfolio
  • Test that your Portfolio or reel is accessible. Please include access to your portfolio on your resume in addition to the application form in case the link breaks
  • Ensure your portfolio showcases your best work
  • Fan Art? Sure! It shows your versatility as it relates directly to our art style
  • Depending on the role, immersing yourself in the game to get the feel, tone and look can go a long way for your portfolio

Applications Close January 6th 12:00pm PT

(Remote Only) The hourly rate for this internship is USD $38.32.

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