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Sep 1

SoftBear Games is seeking 1-3 Freelance Concept Artists to help us round out our pitch deck. We’re currently a one woman mission to make heart happy games with heart happy people, and we’re looking to commission 2 Character Concepts, 1 Environment Concept & 1 UI Concept. This can be three different people, or all the same person, the biggest thing is that your style and vision align with the project.

This project is currently unannounced, and as such the full details will only be shared with successful candidates. That said, we are looking for styles that lean heavily into the not-hyper-realistic, slight hint of magic but not fully Disney.

Character Concepts (2 Characters)

You should be strong at bringing characters to life in a way that touches on magical and cartoon-adjacent but doesn’t fully cross into that space. You should also be comfortable bringing animalistic elements and anatomy to human characters. Clothing is a key component of the character, so we’re looking for someone who can elevate that aspect too.

Environment Concept (1 Piece)

Looking for a strong vision for creating an atmosphere within a town space, buildings & architecture particularly of older European styles.

UI Concept (1 Piece)

Particularly focused on creating a clear UI interface, but able to bring various material textures to that.

The expectation for this work is to be able to review at the draft stage, then again once or twice more for tweaks before the final piece is submitted. As such, communication is critical so please be aware there will be a lot of back and forth to make sure we can create great work together.

Please understand that this is not a permanent role or on-going work, but essentially a commission for these pieces. You are welcome to apply for just one area or all three, that’s covered in the application form. 

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