How to Navigate the Gaming Jobs Market

The video game industry is one of the few markets that continue to grow, even during economic recessions.

The cause may be the fact that as technology advances, new and exciting ways to deliver entertainment keep users coming back for more.

Luckily, this means that jobs are opening up all over the place for video game designers, developers, animators, and modelers.ย The next five years look promising for those interested in a career in gaming.

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The best game design companies & their average game designer salary:

  • BioWareย โ€“ย $56,917 ($54,751 โ€“ $61,000)
  • Zyngaย โ€“ย $78,858 ($56,718 โ€“ $97,793)
  • Electronic Artsย โ€“ย $66,891 ($42,116 โ€“ $98,155)
  • Valve Corporationย โ€“ย $121K โ€“ $130K ($119,735 โ€“ $131,205)
  • Gameloftย โ€“ย $57,829 ($50,000 โ€“ $65,195)
  • Rockstar Gamesย โ€“ย $83,811 ($51,000 โ€“ $103,000)
  • Microsoft Corporationย โ€“ย $110,901 ($101,078 โ€“ $119,525)
  • Naughty Dog Incย โ€“ย $90,817 ($60,960 โ€“ $147,320)
  • Activision Blizzardย โ€“ย $71,717 ($58,438 โ€“ $97,479)
  • Ubisoftย โ€“ย $82,616 ($75,848 โ€“ $87,000)

With many game studios opting to work from it's always good to search for remote jobs near me as a lot of companies are going this way!